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Adults (13 and over) $5.00
Kids (12 years and under): $3.00
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    Summer Hours: April - September (OPEN EVERYDAY)
  • Monday - Sunday
  • 11 am - 5 pm
  • Winter Hours: October - March (ONLY OPEN WEEKENDS)
  • Saturday 11 am - 5 pm
  • Sunday 11 am - 5 pm
  • Weather Permitting!

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 135
(513) 683-4686
GPS Locator:
12025 Shore Rd,

Located in Symmes Township

All About the Knights of the Golden Trail

Knight of the Golden Trail

The history of the Knights of the Golden Trail, KOGT, is almost as fascinating as the Castle itself.

The castle actually can be considered an afterthought, incredible as that seems. In the early 1920's one of Harry Andrews pet projects was his Boy Scout troop. He had a dozen or so boys that met regularly for Boy Scout activities. One of their favorite things was camping. As it happened; years ago the Cincinnati Enquirer, a local newspaper, had a promotion to establish a greater subscription base. If a person paid for a one year subscription in full, they received a plot of land on the banks on the Little Miami River in Loveland.

Two of Harry's scouts, it turned out, had parents that took advantage of the Enquirer's offer and the donated the lots to Harry and his scouts. Harry and his scouts became regular visitors to the banks of the Little Miami. So much so that they took to leaving their gear at the campsite. But, between the elements, the wild animals and even people that stumbled upon their cache, their equipment constantly came out missing, damaged or unusable.

Finally Harry had an idea, he would build two stone tents, to house their equipment and to provide shelter. If you have ever been a Scout you already know that each individual group, known as a troop, gave themselves appropriate names. Bears, Lions, Warriors are all typical examples. Harry's troop was named the Knights of the Golden Trail.

Now standing back admiring the stone tents he had built for his Knights, it is easy to imagine Harry's 181 IQ clicking away...his Knights deserved a real Castle.

The KOGT celebrated it's 75th Anniversary in February 2002!


K.O.G.T Rock Garden, which is presented in front of the Castle.

KOGT Fun Facts....

  • Knights still guard the Castle to this day.
  • The Knights refuse to be part of pollution happening in the Little Miami River. They have been green for a long time before it was "Cool" to be green!
  • Every member of the Knights of the Golden Trail consider it an honor to carry on the traditions started years ago.
  • Sir Harry willed the castle and grounds to the knights upon his death at age 91 in 1981.